Byte Driver

a Vector Hat game


The Story

The year is 1999. The self-driving cars have become self-aware and have taken over the highway. Only one person tries to drive. Her car, the Byte Driver, is equipped with a device of her own design, a device that can absorb the capabilities of autonomous vehicles. Her mission: to destroy the Cyber Mind, breaking the connection between the self-drivers, and bringing freedom back to the road.


The History

In 1978, a unique machine started showing up in arcades all around the world. With its distinctive gameplay and state of the art vector graphics projected over a raster display, it quickly became a major hit. In 1979 more quarters were dropped in the coin boxes of Byte Driver than all of that year’s other machines put together.

Sadly, the combination display was notoriously failure prone and arcade operators found their upkeep difficult. By 1981 the last known Byte Driver machine went offline. Since then the whole craze has been largely forgotten.


The Game

Byte Driver combines a classic driving game with a bottom up shooter. Your car runs on energy. Energy and weapons are obtained by hacking the vehicles around you. You’ll have to stay alert, because the sharply twisting road and countless enemy vehicles will be trying to stop you from reaching your ultimate goal. Run out of energy, and you die.

If you're thinking this sounds like “a hard game”, you're right. Byte Driver was designed to push your reflexes to the limit. The faster you drive, the higher your score. The further you go, the more dangerous the road gets. Drive fast. Hack your enemies. Fight for your life. Survive if you can.