Super Radical Solitaire

a Vector Hat game

Never a bad deal. Always a RAD deal!

It's even more radical than 1982's hit Radical Solitaire. You can still GET RAD and swap a card with any face-down card any time you want and it's still always winnable. Take a trip back to 1986 and waste even more time with Super Radical Solitaire today!

Why is it super?

This time there are three mini-games that will let you cheat your way to countless empty wins. Waste hours of your time enjoying the new extra super-rad graphics modes with up to 16 colors! Shirk your responsibilities while teaching the real speech synthesis robot to say your name. Enjoy the infinitely long non-repeating algorithm-generated soundtrack. Don't like it? Blame the algorithm.

Why is it free*?

Your friends at Vector Hat are committed to bringing you new and moderately exciting ways to waste time. Now more than ever it's important to feign productivity. You need to look busy and accomplish as little as possible. No matter your financial situation, YOU NEED TO SLACK OFF. We're just trying to help.

*You're welcome to pay whatever you think is fair.

Here is the Original Radical Solitaire!

You can GET RAD and swap a card with any face-down card any time you want. It's not always easy, but it's always winnable***... unlike regular boring loser solitaire like your dad plays.

Take a trip back to 1982 and waste a little time** with Radical Solitaire.

**best when played at work!

***Photosensitive folks: You can disable the flashing effects!