a Vector Hat game


The Story

A malfunction with your experimental R-COIL engine has torn a hole in reality and you have fallen through it. You find yourself under attack by a horde of unfamiliar and hostile creatures. Your main thruster and weapons systems have been fused and your stabilizer is offline; you cannot fire your weapons without moving. Will you find your way home, or will you die trying?

The Game

R-COIL is an old-fashioned multidirectional shooter with a unique single button control scheme.


Use the stick to aim and a single button to fire and thrust. Tap to fire. Hold to thrust. Each time you fire your bullet will push you back a little. You’ll have to balance shooting and thrusting to maintain control. Once you master it you’ll be cruising through the cosmos like a space boss in no time. Just try not to get yourself killed.

Easy right? Wrong!

This is not the friendly part of space and whatever you run into isn’t going to be happy to see you. There are shielded sharpshooting saucers, bullet spewing spinners, laser towers, and kamikaze buzz-saws to name a few. In fact, if it’s not a rock, you’re probably going to have to try to kill it before it kills you.

But, don’t worry. With over 25 and counting power-ups you’ll have lots of tools at your disposal for dishing out cold space death.

Still felling stressed about your chances of survival? Not into super difficult games? That's okay too. Turn on Stress Free Mode and blast away!

Get a High Score & Earn a Patch!

Find out how to get yours!

Space is lonely…

But you won’t have to be because R-COIL supports up to eight simultaneous local players. You can play in Co-op Mode and help each other take on the universe or in Duel Mode where you’ll go head to head to see who is the true master of space.

Sounds and Music…

It would be odd to make a retro vector space game without old-school bleepy bloopy sounds and music to go with it. That's why we got in touch with weirdo extraordinaire Rainbow Kitten to make the sound effects and music for R-COIL. You can’t tune a piano but you can tuna chip... or something.

Runs on…

*supports PC, MacOS, & Linux

*supports PC, MacOS, & Linux

The R-COIL engine might be experimental future technology, but odds are your home computer is not. Honestly, we don’t know what kind of computer you’ve got, and we don’t care. R-COIL will run just about everywhere!*