Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon

a Vector Hat game

The Game

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is part twin stick-shooter, part rhythm game, part dungeon crawler. Every action, every laser blast and robot explosion, happens according the rhythm of the music. Pick up your weapons and get ready to dance!

You can go PLAY THE Free DEMO now! So go!


The Story

It is the year 2084. Earth is ruled by evil robots from another dimension. All music has been outlawed. Dancing is strictly forbidden. Still, in the underground, the beat goes on.

Earth's greatest musicologist, Dr. Dysco, has made a discovery... Although they have proven themselves to be immune to all conventional weapons, music can be used to destroy the robots. Dysco begins constructing a musical arsenal to wipe out the robot invaders. On the verge of completing the ultimate weapon, the Rainbow Laser, Dysco vanishes. The word on the street... Dysco was captured by the robots and is being held in a diabolical dungeon.

Can you survive in the Dungeon? Will you find the Rainbow Laser? Will you bring back Dysco?