Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of weapons can you get in Byte Driver and how do they work?

Electromagnetic Tires are used by getting alongside you enemies. When used they will hack one single component from your enemy. They'll also cause you enemy to spin out.

The Shield is an impenetrable energy barrier. It can be used to nullify enemy attacks, clear mines, or to ram and destroy enemy vehicles.

The Laser Canon is a rapid fire energy beam emitter. Each blast causes a small amount of damage. Aim your blasts by steering. Use it to destroy enemy vehicles.

Remote Mines are mobile AI assisted proximity mines. Once placed they will drive under the nearest vehicle and detonate. A single remote mine can destroy most enemies.

Missiles are small surface to surface targeting ballistic missiles. Hold the launch button and steer to lock in a location. Release to launch. Missiles are your only defense against an aerial attack.

Was Byte Driver really an arcade game in 1979?

Nope. Sorry if that's a disappointment. The 1979 arcade version of Byte Driver is a work of fiction spun up by our own slightly over-active imagination. We liked the idea of a long-lost arcade game with an improbable two screen display being resurrected now by a plucky indie game studio. In reality, a plucky indie game developer made the whole thing up.